The EcoLife solar energy provider was founded by a group of enthusiastic friends from the Yale university back in 2001.


Just like Mark Zuckerberg founded a brand new medium of communication right out of his college dorm, we’ve founded a brand new energy source company, while still getting our degrees at the university…


Since 2001 we have designed and installed grid connected and off grid solar power systems throughout all of the US states and even some Canadian states.


We offer a wide range of solar panels, differed by their output capacity, just as well as the installation of hundreds of residential systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial photovoltaic systems in the US and Canada.


We’ve already helped thousands of homes and office buildings in switching to solar. With our wide range of plans available, we can help you take back the control of your energy costs and cancel out your harmful impact on the environment we all live in!

We stand by:



We understand you


We know about all the issues that come with conventional energy sources… We understand how the US powers its homes and offices and why the energy consumption bills matter. Our solar experts will be guiding you on how to get the most out of!



We make it affordable


With our flexible installment payment options available, as well as our convenient 12, 24 month payment plan, 48 month payment plan and Solar as a Service, we give you a multitude of cost-efficient options to choose from!



We value quality


The quality of your solar power system is vital in regard to its performance. Rest assured that our solar panels and inverters are built to last ages! Manufactured in cooperation with other industry leading companies, they’re as reliable.


People have already purchased our solar products


Of residential renewable energy generated


Invested into green power in 2015 alone

Meet the Team

David Froster

As a managing partner of our company, David Froster nurtures a most responsible approach towards energy consumption.

Gary Cole

He’s been advocating renewable energy well since his student years in 1970s, and does his best to promote the green energy usage…

Mary Bishop

Mary Bishop is the person responsible for the fiscal, taxation and accounting aspects of our work, as well as for the capital markets…

Our operations can be managerial and office-bound, or can be located at the fields, onshore power plants or at the overseas development positions. Regardless of where we work, there are key factors that help each of us achieve the top goals!