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Taxation is a vital part of our life, that both a private individual and a business owner need to delve into at some point. Our expertise on the matter will make it easier for you!

Solar Installation

Rooftop solar panels installation is one of our main fields of specialization.


Panels for Sale

On par with an option to install and rent out the solar panels, we also offer you to buy them…

Industrial Solar Panels

We have an array of large solar panels, created for covering energy!


Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panels designed for a commercial usage are cost-efficient and friendly!

Residential Energy Storage

Fight any kinds of a power outage by installing our energy storage devices at your home!

Commercial Energy Storage

We have a lot of powerful energy storage panels, able to power up!


Free consultation on solar energy

We will be more than happy to explain you everything about how solar energy works and how it will benefit your home or office energy consumption bills!


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Case studies

Understanding how exactly can solar panels help you save on your energy consumption monthly bills gets much easier, if we take some real life cases to compare it with.

Google's campus


It took us few days, a crew of engineers and installing managers to get all Google campus covered with a set of our solar panels, sufficient to power all the electronic appliances they use…

Office building, Ontario, Canada


In order to supply this skyscraper with a sufficient amount of solar energy we had to combine a set of few of our biggest solar panels. Eventually, the building owners became our clients.

Tesla Motors HQ


With this auto manufacturer being a profound follower of renewable energy and a proponent of CO2 emissions reduction, it’s been no surprise for us when they called in to get our solar panels!

2-storey house, Vincenta, OR


This case showcases that when approaching installing solar panels for small households, we’re always trying to find the best fit solution, be it a panel size, amount of energy required or the end price…

Save on Energy Bills!

Sign up today, to pay less for your energy tomorrow! Each month we roll out numerous special offers and discounts for our solar panels

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